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Ultrasonic Syringe Pumps(USP)

Syringe Size0.5 μL to 60ml
Power100-240 VAC: 50/60 Hz, 50 W. 0.5 A fuse
Motor Drive ControlMicroprocessor with 1/16 microstepping
Linear Force(Maximum)13.6kg(30 lbs) @ 100% Force Selection
Number of Microsteps per One Revolution of Lead Screw15,360
Step rate(Minimum)27.5 sec/μstep
Step rate(Maximum)26 μstep/μstep
Drive Motor0.9 degree Stepper Motor
Pusher Travel Rate-(Minimum)0.15 μm/min
Pusher Travel Rate-(Maximum)159 mm/min
Flow Rate-(Minimum)1.26 pl/min(0.5 μl syringe)
Flow Rate-(Maximum)88.28 ml/min (60 ml syringe)
Dimensions22.6 × 19.05 × 15cm(9 × 7.5 × 5in)
ConnectorsRS-232 - 9 Pin D-Sub Connector,
RS485 - IEEE-1394 6 pos, USB - Type B