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Welcome to Noanix Corporation, where innovation meets excellence in coating solutions, Our range of capabilities includes:

  • Hydrophilic coatings: From base coat +HA Top Coat for optimal performance to PVP Top Coat available in two versions of curing, thermal curing and UV curing.
  • Antimcrobial and aintihrombogenic coatings: Designed and manufactured to engance medical device performance and safety.
  • Coating machines: We specialize in producing drug eluting coating machines, hydrophilic coating machines, Roll to Roll machines, and custom coating machines tailored to unique applications, Our lineup includes inner Coaters and Friction Testers.
  • Ultrasonic spray nozzle systems: Noanix offers world class ultrasonic spray nozzle system with frequencies up to 1MHz, ensuring precise and efficient coating application.
  • Ultrasonic syringe pumps: Developed specifically for our coating machines, our ultrasonic syringe pumps deliver unmatched precision and reliability.


At Noanix, we take pride in our ability to create custom solutions for even the most challenging applications, Partner with us to experience the pinnacle of coating technology tailored to your unique needs.

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