Stents/Balloon Catheter/Guide Wire

Noanix's Coating Systems and Services are effectively used for coating Stent(DES), Balloon Catheter and Guide Wire.


Noanix's coating machines and coatings for all kind of catheters make medical devices best performance and biocompatibility.

Insertion Sleeve

Noanix's hydrphilic coating machines and coatings for insertion sleeves for Breast Augmentation surgery produce extreme durability and lubricity.

IOL Cartridge

Noanix's proprietary hydrophilic coating machines and coatings for IOL Cartriges shows best performance with excellent lubricity and clear surfance conditions.

Syringe/Blood Collecting Tubing

Noanix's coating systems and Pumping systems and Spray nozzle systems have been used for Syringe/Blood Collection Tubing coatings.

Artificial Blood Vessel

Noanix has developed custom long nozzles and Coating systems for Artificial Vessel Coatings.

EMG Needle Electrode

Noanix is one of first and few developers of system and coating solution for EMG Needle Electrode in the world. It carefully requires skillful PTFE coating handling.

Contact Lens

Noanix is one of few providers for Hydrophilic Coating Services and Systems for Contact Lens.


Noanix is one of best Capsule/Vial coating systems provider in the world.

Tablet Coating

It is one of Noanix's best well done applications.

Spray Dryer/Pyrolysis

This is one of typical and common applications Noanix serves. Contact noanix for your specific requirements. It is a typical custom design application.


Noanix is working on harsh and critical projects from many universities and colleges.

Display/Solar Cell/Patterning

Noanix is working on many specific projects for those applications with RnD centers and universities.